Website downtime = Losing customers & trust!

Simple uptime monitoring service.

Stay ahead of your website issues by monitoring your website's uptime, availability, and performance in real-time.

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Status Pages.

Public and private status pages keep the right people in the loop.

Showcase reliability.

Build trust in your service and showcase historical uptime and performance.

Communicate incidents.

Keep your customers or internal teams in the loop when incidents happen.

Monitoring control center.

One dashboard with a bird's eye view on every job, heartbeat, website and API uptime check.

Internal status pages.

Control who can access your pages with password protection and IP allowlists.

Worldwide website monitoring

Pingt global coverage

Get a clear picture of how your services perform for all your users worldwide. Run your monitor from 14 different data center locations spread over the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific.

  • New-York - United State
    New-YorkUnited State
  • Ashburn - United State
    AshburnUnited State
  • Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • London - United Kingdom
    LondonUnited Kingdom
  • Paris - France
  • Frankfurt - Germany
  • Bucharest - Romania
  • Sydney - Australia
  • Porto - Portugal
  • Seoul - South Korea
    SeoulSouth Korea
  • Budapest - Hungary
  • Vancouver - Canada
  • Stockholm - Sweden
  • Osaka - Japan


"Switching to was such a relief for us. We now feel that client communication is no longer a bottleneck for our company because all important aspects of any project are clearly visible for the whole team."

George | Product Manager @Aqvil

Features for productive

Server Uptime

Api monitoring

Fully customizable API monitoring set up with the custom request body, headers, and parameters.


Public Status Page

Display a public status page on your site or in-office mounted TV hosted on your company domain.

Status Page

Global Coverage

Get global latency metrics by running your monitors from 14 data center locations around the world.


Alerting Channels

Use our generous data bundles and unlimited recipients/endpoints for SMS, email, webhooks, Slack, Telegram, and Discord alerting integrations.


Teams and Users

Collaborate with your team members by sharing your account. We've got you covered with complete access control.

ssl reminder

SSL Expire Alert

We will notify you when your SSL certificate is about to expire 7, 10, 30 days, or a custom number of days in advance.

And that's not all, at all

Get alerted for Incidents, and post Mantainance times right to your status page.

Great with small teams

Get ready to change the way you track your assets, forever.

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