Heartbeat Monitoring

Monitor anything using a simple heartbeat

Let clients in on your process, check in with you and your team, accept price quotes, and pay you securely.

No credit card required, cancel any time

Everything they need to not ping you after-hours

Keep track of your Cron jobs and make sure they are actually running.

An instant pulse on the health of any software component.

Scroll back through historical data to understand what's already happened, and move forward in time to see what's running next.

Be the first to know when incidents happen.

Explore job performance, success rate, and custom metrics with realtime dashboards and 6+ months of data retention.

Daily, weekly and monthly reporting for your whole team.

We track each execution, correlating the exit status, metrics and logs, so you can find everything you need in one place.

Free Basic Package

Get ready to change the way you monitor your assets.

No credit card required, cancel any time

Web monitoring made easy

Self-hosted, friendly, all-in-one web monitoring tool. Lightweight tracking, heartbeats, cron jobs, status pages & more.

More than heartbeats.

Pingt is a complete monitoring platform not just a heartbeat monitoring tool. With an easy to use Dashboard, beautiful status pages and features to help you drive your business forward.

Monitor user activity.

Send heartbeats on key system and application events and follow trends over time.

Monitor devices.

Send heartbeats from internet connected devices of any kind and monitor your entire fleet.

Simple metrics.

Enrich heartbeats with simple metrics and track things like loop iterations and records processed.

Instant alerts.

Ensure the right person is notified if your heartbeat doesn't arrive at the expected time.

Live dashboards.

See all of your heartbeat monitors on a fast, easy to use dashboard with live updates.

Monitor hosts.

Always know that an internal host or container is running without intrusive uptime checks.