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Showcase your uptime with Pingt status page.

Communicate your site's performance to your users with fully customizable public status pages.

Easy to use.

Keep visitors happy and your Servers online.

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Organize every Website

Keep your websites all in one place, review and analyze from an easy to use Dashboard.

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Sync up with your team

Help your team when they need it, and review your projects together.

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Get things done

Stay focused and productive so you and your team can wrap up projects on time.

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Monitor any website, API, cron job or service.

Incident feeds.

Every status page comes with its own RSS feed so your customers can be notified of incidents as they happen.

Developer friendly.

Create and manage your status pages using our simple API, create and resolve incidents using custom integrations.

Make it your own.

Add your company logo, custom domain and support links so your customers know they're in the right place.

Understand behaviour and need.

Develop a deeper understanding of how your assets behave with fresh data.

Status Pages.

Public and private status pages keep the right people in the loop.

Showcase reliability.

Build trust in your service and showcase historical uptime and performance.

Communicate incidents.

Keep your customers or internal teams in the loop when incidents happen.

Monitoring control center.

One dashboard with a bird's eye view on every job, heartbeat, website and API uptime check.

Internal status pages.

Control who can access your pages with password protection and IP allowlists.

Why Us?

Why you should choose Pingt.

Performance Monitoring.

We continuously track your website speed and performance and notify you instantly if your website loads slower.

Multi Channel alerting.

Any thing wrong on Uptime, SSL and Performance, receive instant notification with various channels.

Custom header check.

You don't have to leave your protected website. Monitor website with custom headers and basic authentication.

String and status check.

Don't limit yourself to a single status code. Verify Uptime deeper with string and status code check.

status pages
Worldwide website monitoring.

Global coverage

Get a clear picture of how your services perform for all your users worldwide. Run your monitor from 14 different data center locations spread over the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia Pacific.

  • New-York - United State
    New-YorkUnited State
  • Miami - United State
    MiamiUnited State
  • Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • London - United Kingdom
    LondonUnited Kingdom
  • Paris - France
  • Frankfurt - Germany
  • Bucharest - Romania
  • Sydney - Australia
  • Porto - Portugal
  • Seoul - South Korea
    SeoulSouth Korea
  • Budapest - Hungary
  • Vancouver - Canada
  • Stockholm - Sweden
  • Osaka - Japan
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